Our Son is now 2 months old!

Our precious baby boy is now officially over 2 months old. Where did the time go? I swore just last week (not really) that I gave birth to him. He is everything to us. These past nine weeks have been (at times) rough and trying. We have both put in sleepless nights and long hours of feeding, burping, and changing many a dirty diaper. 

It never seems to fail that I consistently stay awake until at least 2:00 am every morning as I don't want to fall asleep before he does. As of right now, he is in his crib, clenching to his Itty Bitty Superman blanky, crying softly as he is fighting off the sleep monster (or, at least, trying to). 

I am not sure if it is just "new mom" jitters, but I can't seem to shake hearing his cries at any given moment (more so when I am in bed and all I can hear is my husband's fan), and, at times, it scares me. Even now, I know I hear the elephant lullaby music that is playing in his crib, but I am not sure if I hear his cries for real (or just inside my head)....

We are looking forward to spending this weekend together "baby free" as our parents have agreed to baby-sit. Later this evening, after my hubby gets home from work, we will be decorating our family pumpkin. We plan to paint our son's hand and footprints on it with paint, as well as each of our hands. Then with a Sharpie, we will write our names over our hands and his name over his. 

He also rolled over for the first time on his 2 month birthday from tummy to back. Granted, when he finally did, we caught it on camera (the actual first time was overnight before as I found him on his back that morning) though, he was crying in hysterics when he rolled over. Soon, I plan to compile all the videos I have taken of him and burn them to a DVD so that we can watch them as Family Movies when he is older. 

Even right now (this very second) I am questioning myself on whether or not I can honestly hear him crying or just strangely imagining it to put myself through unwanted hell. 

As if him falling off the bed wasn't enough, the other day, he fell right out of his swing! I heard the thump, came running to him only to find that he was fine and wasn't fussy whatsoever. 

It's late, got a lot to do come when the sun rises.