you can find my published works here:

13th Floor Magazine:
Spring 2016



"Don't Judge Me by the Bite Marks that Turned into Scars"

Fall 2014

"We had a Beautiful, Magical Love Affair"

"What if Fairytales Never Existed?"

Spring 2014

"Fifteen Ways to Stop Pretending"

"Love me, Marry me dead"

Fine Lines:

Winter 2017

"Born in the Middle"

Fall 2017

"She Remembers You"

Summer 2017

"What Could Have Been"

Spring 2017

"A Poem" Beginning with a line in Adrienne Rich's For an Album

Winter 2016

"Every Saint has a Past"

Fall 2016


Fall 2012

"Josh the Boyfriend vs. Kenny the Super Saver Overnight Manager"