April 1, 2016: April Fool's, You Losers!

April Fool's Day is a day
of lies, deceit, betrayal; never fun.
In high school, I fled the rumors,
the hushed whispers, the "popular" crowd.
I was never one for banter, nor
was I one for slaughter-- I was one
sucker for dimples and dreadlocks.
He was amorous,  and cautious
towards my wavering smile.
I bled tears of sadness the day
he moved to a different district.
We kept in touch, but the blades
had since dulled.
I found a note in my locker once;
it was handwritten, shotty,  but with
vivid details about my relationship
with dreadlocks.
I was told, "April Fool's!" by some bitches
with an axe to grind at me.
I said, "April Fool's!" right back
as I never really stole their boyfriend
in the first place.