April 30, 2016: 7 Deadly Sins

That feeling my high school
forensics coach would get
when any other student
(except me)
would win a prestigious award.
How your child
reacts to their upbringing,
the gleam in your eyes
as you proudly embrace. 
The look on a college student's
face just as they've relieved
their final grade
as well as a spot
high on the dean's list. 


The burning sensation
that runs through your veins
seconds before you
see him with her
Green is a shade
much associated
but rather misused
along with emerald and silver. 
Mean girls carry this around
like their favorite necklace in the spring time. 

Perjury is best
felt with glee and happiness
when feeling
this crimson emotion. 
Steam and hell bent
static fill the air
with remains of ash and dust. 
and misrepresented
take a backseat
to murder and hate. 

"Fat humans indulge
quickly in this superficial lifestyle"
says all the quacks
who laugh at binging
and over-waiting
in public restrooms. 
Restaurants thrive on
patrons who express their needs.
Hotel maids
hold great disgust
in teenagers. 

Red is a hue
resembling heat
in the moment
filled with passion
and revenge.
Murder holds
this one dear to
its lips. 
Smears of chalk
and heels
lead to temptation
and ungodly redemption. 

Video games
and junk food
are the perpetrators here. 
Lies cause doubt
within minds
revealed by binge-watching
Netflix hours on end. 
Life stops.
Fiction becomes Reality. 

Greens all around
fold within deep pockets
masquerading as
expensive bracelets
and diamonds. 
Once a hard, honest worker
now pulling overtime
pick-pocketing strangers
on streets and robbing banks
to fuel their thirst. 



Amanda Hansen

Amanda B Hansen is a writer & poet who currently resides in Omaha, NE. 
She is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She holds a Bachelor's in General Studies. Her certifications include English, Music, & Creative Writing. 

Amanda currently splits her time being a full-time Customer Service Adviser at her local Walgreen's, and being an Editor/Social Media/Writing Contributor for Fine Lines Journal in Omaha.