April 16, 2016: Wishes for Dad

I wish I could have a normal conversation with my father. 
One that does not involve yelling or judgement. 
I know his stance on tattoos. I don't understand why he hates
that my sister and I have them. 
I don't understand why he can't do his taxes in a timely manner. 
I refuse to believe he hated Jerome. 
I miss the dad who would play catch with me in our backyard. 
I miss going to church on Sunday. 
I hate that we don't bond like we used to. 
If it weren't for sarcasm and family jokes, I'd hate to imagine
what there is left to talk about. 

I wish I could just hug my dad. 
No reason. 
No tears. 
Especially, no judgement. 


Written by Amanda B Hansen
2016 April 16