Christmas Cards

Good morning, readers! So sorry I missed posting this yesterday. I spent the better part of my morning and afternoon with the little munchkin. Then, later, we went over to my in-laws to help my mom-in-law with even more Christmas Goodies! 

(To know more on that, please go to my Blogmas Day 2.)

For today's (I mean yesterday's) post, I will simply show you our first official family photo as of this Christmas. This includes our puppy, Max, whom we adopted just 2 months prior to having Nathaniel. 


The Weigner

Greg, Amanda, Nathaniel, & Max

There really isn't much of a story behind taking our first family photo together. We had bought Nathaniel this super cute "My First Christmas" Sleeper to wear. Also, Max even got a little Santa outfit as well. We arrived on time seeing that no one else was there or even in line (we saved $5 by scheduling our time slot in advanced). We took all pictures in the same pose. I was kinda hoping they would allow us to have one with the entire family and then just Santa and Nathaniel. That's okay. We will most definitely do it that way come next year. 

***I now have 9 Christmas Cards left over. If ANYONE would like me to send them one for the holidays, just send me a PM on here with your name and address****

Merry Blogmas! 

Amanda Hansen

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