Loss of a Brother at Christmas

Hello readers,

Today, I am taking time to go down memory lane and think about my late brother, Jerome. 

It was December 5, 2008 when the doctor told us that Jerome's cancer became officially terminal. We all cried. Jerome said "no tears" allowed in his hospital room but we all cried that day, even him. 

There are so many times now, I wish that I could go back, to see him, happy and healthy. Tell him to go to the doctor right away; beat the cancer this time. 

Then, I wake up. It was all a dream wrapped in a nightmare. 

I have found that listening to "Christmas in Heaven" by Scotty McCreery helps. 

I make sure to have pictures of him on my walls for my son to see. 

I make sure to give my nephews, Joshua and Aiden, the kind of hugs he would have given them today. 

I miss you so much, Jerome. 

9 years : 12/26/2017. 


R.I.P. Jerome Anthony Hansen July 29, 1981 - December 26, 2008 


Merry Blogmas!