Least Favorite Thing about Christmas

Hello readers,

Today's post is about my least favorite thing regarding Christmas. That thing is the fact that my family does not spend Christmas (or really any holiday for that matter anymore) with my mom's brother and his family. This year I decided to write them a letter. In that letter, I put it all on the line: why aren't we close? Why is it that my aunt feels the need to come off as mean? Why are we no longer even allowed on their property? 

It's questions like that, those types of questions I never want my children to ask me. I sincerely hope that my relationship with my sister and my brother's family turns out nothing like that years from now. 

To all of you who take time to read my first #Blogmas posts, thank you. I too extend my hope that none of you treat your family as such. Now, for those of you who can sympathize with me, I am sorry, and also, still try to make them feel welcome, but NEVER let them use you as a doormat. 

I am very happy to say that for this Christmas, we will be spending it over at my folks' house with my family and my sister's family there too. 

Merry Blogmas!