Christmas me

Hello, readers!

Christmas means love and giving to me. 

This wonderful time of year is all about not taking credit for being selfless. It's about putting a smile on your children's faces when they see what presents have their names on them under the tree. It's about a child on their first christmas see the cookies that are laid out the night before on Christmas Eve, eaten the next morning on Christmas Day. 

When it comes to giving gifts, this year, I did still buy stuff, but it's mostly little things like stocking stuffers, and crafty items to help support small businesses; and...making my own gifts as well as baking goodies (see tomorrow's post here.) for all the families that are in our lives. 

Christmas is a time to relax and take a good look at what you've got, not what you want. 

This year, I have the most loving husband (who can get on my nerves from time to time), a precious soon-to-be 4 month old (on Christmas Eve), & a puppy who always is happy to see me. 

That, and Christmas also means snuggling up with loved ones with hot cocoa and watching sappy Christmastime movies on the TV. 

Merry Blogmas!

Amanda Hansen

Amanda B Hansen is a writer & poet who currently resides in Omaha, NE. 
She is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She holds a Bachelor's in General Studies. Her certifications include English, Music, & Creative Writing. 

Amanda currently splits her time being a full-time Customer Service Adviser at her local Walgreen's, and being an Editor/Social Media/Writing Contributor for Fine Lines Journal in Omaha.