Raise your hand if Tom Welling is your favorite actor! Okay, just me? Splendid.

For those of you who would rather spend your hard earned cash on Deadpool, please be aware that the great and powerful (okay, maybe not powerful, but definitely romantic) Nicholas Sparks!! His most recent film-based on one of his many novels, i.e. The Choice, opened just before #ValentinesDay and even though my loving boyfriend didn’t see it with me (don’t worry, we didn’t break up over it) I sobbed crocodile tears the entire way through.

I cried mostly due to the fact that the man of my dreams, the one and only Clark Kent didn’t get as much screen time as I had hoped for. (Not that Benjamin Walker isn’t hot or anything)

So here, we can all see those hunks (and the gorgeous Teresa Palmer) along with the great Sparks himself play a little “Would you Rather.”

HintHint: All but Sparks would date Katy Perry over Taylor Swift.
Why? You got me.

The Choice: Would You Rather? video


Amanda B Hansen