Reviving my Etsy shop, "Stitchery Poetry," & the goals I need to take to achieve this:

For those of you who probably don't know, I created my first (and only) Etsy shop, SticheryPoetry back in February 0f 2015. I have now got about three solid months to revive my shop, and welcome all those who love poetry and cross-stitching as much as I do, and are willing to pay my low (LOW) prices to own an original on-of-a-kind framed cross-stitch poem written by none other than me. 

I do also cross-stitch other things, such as a Yoshi and Mario that I made for my parents, however I choose not to sell those, as I did not make the pattern, I also did tweak said patterns, BUT still, NOT MY DESIGN. 

I would much rather only sell original NEVER BEFORE SEEN cross-stitches. That is the mark I want to make in the Etsy world of cross-stitchers. 

If you want something else instead, I would be happy to direct you to those who make bad-ass cross-stitches for a living on Etsy, such as: 



I am swamped with currently actively participating in #NaNoWriMo2016! However, I do hope to begin cross-stitching on a regular basis & finding/creating new frames for my current ones that are now for sale in my shop! 



Amanda B Hansen