08/23-24/2017: the Arrival of our Sweet Baby Boy

*** This was originally written/published in 2017 ***

The morning of August 23, 2017 was a day we had been looking forward to for two weeks, ever since our doctor told us that he plans to have me induced if our baby was not born prior. We woke up, had all the necessary items packed plus more, put the puppy in his kennel; then we were off to the hospital. My mother and her best friend met us there to take pictures.

Once the Pitocin was administered into my system, the process began. When 5 hours had past, I got my epidural. I never once peaked. My contractions were not getting any stronger. 10+ hours later, after enduring so much pain and trying so hard not to push; the doctor came in and suggested that now be a good time to have a C-Section. I agreed in a heartbeat.

All of the family gave us hugs and kisses before wheeling me out of the delivery room and into an OR. My husband was with me the entire time. He also filmed the whole delivery plus the initial recovery. I was told beforehand that I would not feel any pain, just some pulling and tugging.

Boy, were they ever so wrong.

I felt it all. Pain, much like a burning sensation throughout my entire midsection. The whole process took less than 15 minutes, but it felt like hours to me. I did not get skin to skin contact with my child until he was minutes old. My husband brought him over and put our cheeks together. It felt amazing to see him and know that he was okay.

Amanda Hansen

Amanda B Hansen is a writer & poet who currently resides in Omaha, NE. 
She is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She holds a Bachelor's in General Studies. Her certifications include English, Music, & Creative Writing. 

Amanda currently splits her time being a full-time Customer Service Adviser at her local Walgreen's, and being an Editor/Social Media/Writing Contributor for Fine Lines Journal in Omaha.