the Gilmore Girls are BACK!

I don’t know about you, but I am positively psyched to read that Netflix is bringing back our all-time favorite show!! And, the best part about this extravagant news, is that lead cast members, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, & Kelly Bishop are confirmed to be reprising their iconic roles as Lorelai, Rory, Luke, & Emily, respectively.

Lauren Graham confirms “Gilmore Girls” is BAACKK!!

Now, while I may not have been a fan of the show while it was initially premiering back in 2000 (yeah, that’s right. 16 years ago.), I have now seen all seven seasons a hundred million times (at least) and fantasized about how and when it would pick up, if it ever came back to television.

With the resurrection of shows like X-Files, Full(er) House, & Heroes (Reborn), I think it’s safe to say that Gilmore Girls is heading in the right direction. So, here is my list of what I have envisioned Stars Hollow to be 16 years after the finale that left us with hope for Lorelai and Luke, and an ambitious Rory living the single American Dream.

1.       Luke and Lorelai have now been married 15 years. (Yes, sadly, we missed what would have been the wedding of the century!) They have a son named Charles “Kit” Danes. (Yeah, so I may have stolen it from the recent Cinderella, but c’mon!)

2.       Kit is now 14 years old and a freshman at Stars Hollow High. (Gee, sounds familiar, huh?) Unlike his sisters, he is not a prodigy, and enjoys being “normal” smart. He is close with his sisters, Rory and April.

3.       Rory is still single, though she is also recently divorced. Her ex-husband, Tristin Dugray, (remember him? CMM from Season 1?) still loves her, but she left him for Stars Hollow and to find herself again.

4.       Kit’s best friends are Kwan and Steve Van Gerbig. (also known as Lane and Zach’s twins from Season 7!!) While his friends are older, they keep the bullies away from Kit, even though they know full-well his dad can show them a thing or two.

5.       Richard has past away. (RIP Edward Herrmann.) Lorelai and Emily took it pretty hard, but Rory had it worst. She dropped out of being a journalist, moved back in with her family. It was then that she reconnected with Tristin while in Stars Hollow, seeing a different side of him than the jerk she thought she knew back in high school. (I think this would be a perfect opportunity for CMM to shed some “human” light on this character, make him lovable by fans.)


I could come up with more, regarding more of our lovable characters, ALL of whom made Gilmore Girls the best fast-paced show that ever existed!


Cheers to more coffee and Paul Anka! (the dog, not the singer.)



Amanda B Hansen

Amanda Hansen

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