What I would do if I lived like a Celebrity

You know we all wish for it: the expensive, lavish parties, the overly priced ballgowns, even the luxury of having to hide your face at your local Starbucks so you don’t get recognized by the paparazzi.
What kind of life is that? I see and hear many celebrities, in fact talk about how they’re “just like everyone else.” WRONG. Everyone else does not make over a billion dollars per movie, PER SCENE. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I greatly admire and aspire to achieve a similar level of “celebrity” at some point in my life as an author. Yet, what gets me is these very same celebrities who advertise how they care about their fans and how they “wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you;” they are the same ones documented complaining about not doing a movie or a TV show just because the producers or whomever pays them can’t meet their outrageous salary demands.
I greatly admire Angelina Jolie, and while I loved her in Maleficent, and adore her tremendous donations to helping by volunteering and charity, why does she still help other countries over her own? I do believe that celebrities have the “real power” here. They make more than half the entire economy’s income and they still manage to blow it on overpriced mansions(anything more than 5 bdrms), and sports cars, booze, drugs, sex, etc.


It outright sickens me.

When I have children, I don’t want them to be looking up to false celebrities. And by that, I mean celebrities who only do right by themselves. Yes, they suffer similar fates as the rest of us, but still, they are the ones who capitalize on that to bigger their already huge pockets.
When I get on New York’s Bestsellers’ list, this is what I would do with the money:

1. Pay off everything. 
Loans, bills, house, car, EVERYTHING.

2. Pay back everyone who loaned me money.
All the family and friends who helped me during this present time as I struggle to make a living as an author.

3. Buy my parents a house. 
Why? If I can purchase myself a nice house, why not those who raised me?

4. Give back.
For every 5th book sold, I would use those proceeds to start a program towards helping those who do not work, work and to give them starter money. LOAN-FREE.

5. Be like Zooey Deschanel.
I want to live Zooey Deschanel’s life. If she were an author of books.
She is hard;y in the tabloids unless it is something awesome such as being apart
of  an online magazine dedicated to people like me.


Amanda B Hansen

Amanda Hansen

Amanda B Hansen is a writer & poet who currently resides in Omaha, NE. 
She is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She holds a Bachelor's in General Studies. Her certifications include English, Music, & Creative Writing. 

Amanda currently splits her time being a full-time Customer Service Adviser at her local Walgreen's, and being an Editor/Social Media/Writing Contributor for Fine Lines Journal in Omaha.