Post-Halloween/Uber Nightmare

Two nights ago, I woke up twice from horrible nightmares. This is only the third night since our son was born that he wasn't with us for the night. Normally, my nightmares consist of hearing his cries even though he is safe with grandparents. These two nightmares, however, were far different. 

The first one did involve our son. I woke up from sleep, and thought it was Saturday. No. I woke up on November 7th. The scary part was that I had miss my son's first Halloween. The plan is to go to my folks' house and take Nathan around the neighborhood to show him off in his cut Pumpkin onesie that his gramma Rita got him. 

and here, I honestly thought I had missed it...until I woke up. 

Next nightmare was a simply worse. For whatever reason I found myself inside an Uber driver's car on our way to the apartment I live in. I asked that she just drop me off near the clubhouse instead and that I would walk home from there. She agreed and pulled over. As I was proceeding to get out of her car, she opened her door and got out as well. I was confused. Maybe, she was simply getting out to ask me for directions on how to get out of here. 

Before I took so much as a step towards my apartment, she announced that I owed her $44 + tax and that there was an ATM just across the street. I nodded, then began walking towards it. As I crossed the street, I pondered why an Uber ride of less than 5 miles would cost me so much. Maybe she had been stiffed her past couple rides. As I approached the ATM, she was suddenly there. 

"To ensure I get the right amount of money, allow me to swipe your card, ma"am." 

"Whatever," I replied. 

I watched her swipe my credit card. She punched in $44 EU. Not USD. Still, I waited while the dollar bills came out. More came out than I had expected. Turns out she had taken $440! I grabbed the cash out of her hand as quickly as I could. She yelled out that she needed the money. I threw her the initial $44 (even though I thought that amount was high enough) and then ran off towards my house. Once there, I locked my door behind me. 

Then I woke up.