If You Grew up in Papillion/La Vista.....

You remember when Hobby Lobby was a grocery store, or better yet, when that whole Wal*Mart complex didn't even exist. 
[I remember when Hobby Lobby was a grocery store & back when Wally World was a figment.] 
You remember going to the Southroads Mall movie theater. 
[Never heard of it.] 
You have this little section of your closet devoted to all maroon clothing. 
[No. Except for Band, Speech, & Bowling.] 
You won't admit it to anyone but the best part about the pep rallies is the pom squad performance. 
[I'll admit. Wish I was one of them then realize I'm not physically structured right.] 
You've ever eaten at the little cafe-type thing in Baker's. 
You began to like math to a certain extent because of your calculus class. 
{Didn't get that far in Math.] 
You've learned that you can guess the name of Omaha and Lincoln area high schools by applying a direction to the city name. 
The Ranch Bowl is the extent of your concert experience. 
[Never been.] 
For fun, you've hung out at the Starbuck's in Albertson's. 
[No. For fun, I played around like a little kid :) ] 
You've ever worked at Baker's. 
[I haven't. But my Mom has.] 
The only team you ever played for the championship in junior high was LaVista. 
[Never played a junior high sport.] 
You remember when Hickory Estates didn't exist. 
You remember when Hickory Hill 2 didn't exist. 
You know, for a fact, that the swim team does the best TP jobs. 
[Psshh....everyone knows its the BAND that does it right.] 
The only amusement park you've been to is Papio Fun Park. 
[Not true.] 
Everything relatively good is only 20 minutes away (i.e. Oakview, Westroads, the Old Market, all the movie theaters) 
The only time you actually parked in downtown Papillion was for Papillion Days or the all-you-can-eat pancakes at the fire station. 
[Among other festivities.] 
You say PA-PILL-YUN, not PAP-E-YONE. 
[Exactly. Get it right Missouri!!!] 
The best Chinese restaurant you've ever been to is Ming's. 
[More like the ONLY chinese place I've ever been to.] 
You remember when the tire tower in Halleck Park was in the playground at Hickory Hill Elementary. 
You ate a Burger King before it was remodeled with that black/purple pattern. 
You still don't know the names of all the elementary schools in the school district. 
[Haha. So true.] 
You know at least one Iverson. (sorry Carrie...had to go there...) 
Nobody ever has a real spring break vacation. 
[Not entirely true.] 
Every once and a while a breeze filled with cow smells comes through your neighborhood. 
[OMG yeah. Maybe its because I live 5 miles from a farm!] 
Your house used to be a corn field. 
[I am led to believe so.] 
You've been so bored that you were willing to go on a trip to Big Lots. 
You remember when Giles was one lane and a dirt road past 84th street. 
[I was about 6 years old when the pavement was paved.] 
Half the people you know go to St. Columbkille for church. 
You remember when Country General (before it closed) was Wheeler's. 
{Actually, yes.] 
You were one of the first in line when Papio Bay first opened. 
You know you'll always call Gordman's the "1/2 Price Store" or "Richmond Gordmans" even. 
You graduated high school with the same folks you went to elementary school with. 
[True. Some probably still don't know my name.] 
You've been in the Papillion Days parade at least once (if not that then LaVista Days). 
[Yes. Band.] 
You can get to just about any of your friends houses from Edgewood Blvd. 
[Actually, just about ALL my friends live no where NEAR that street.] 
You remember when Papillion-LaVista High School was known as just plain-old Papillion High School. 
[I've seen pictures.] 
You know there was a time when the softball team actually lost more games than they won. 
{Heard of it. Never witnessed it.] 
You just happen to have blocked the above fact out of your mind. 
[See above.] 
For some reason or another a friend convinced you to go out for a sport in junior high. 
You swear you saw yourself in a scene from "Election". 
[No. But my late brother Jerome ACTUALLY IS!!! It's the scene at the end where Matthew Broderick is pacing between the front offices. Jerome is the weird kid sitting for detention.] 
You know that the forensics team doesn't mess around with dead bodies. 
[I know. I felt sad. Dead bodies are intersting.] 
You went to a "junior high" NOT a "middle school". 
The only reason you go to SuperTarget is because Wal*Mart is so old and gross. 
[Not true nowadays.] 
You remember when the high school used to have its own baseball field. 
[Still does. A practice one.] 
The overcrowding problem at the high school is "all the sophomore's fault". 
{Now its "all the freshmen's fault."] 
You scroll through the guestbook on this page and recognize 99% of the names in it. 
[Does not apply.] 
You've been pulled over for speeding on Giles Rd. 
[Close. Never.] 
The only time you have a smidgen of school spirit is when someone calls your mascot the "butterfly". 
[Haha Funny times.] 
You notice that the standout athletes all belong to the same family. 
[Yeah. Weird.] 
You were so bored that you went into any of the little shops in Tara Plaza or in downtown Papillion by your own free will. 
If you happen to be about 6 feet tall, you're recruited for the volleyball team. 
[I am. And I wasn't.] 
You actually liked the Papillion Public Library more when it was in City Hall. 
[Went to La Vista. Hate it now.] 
You used to buy all your books at Little Professor Bookstore. 
[No. Polly's Bookstore.] 
You remember when Hickory Estates was the only forest in this town (now there are none...). 
[Not true.] 
You remember when Albertson's was K-mart. 
[No. Now its No Frills.] 
You remember going on gravel roads to "heartbeat bridge" out west of town. 
You read each of these items and 90% of them apply directly to you. 
You used to shop at the The Golden Rule grocery store. 
You remember when Mr. Thompson was the principal AND the PE teacher at Trumble Park Elementary. 
[Weird....went to G. Stanley.] 
You were too scared to enter Mr. Heavrin's social studies class because of all of the horror stories that older kids had told you. 
[More like Mr. Billinger from LVJH.] 
You remember when the junior high didn't have a practice gym. 
You'd go out to eat at Moe's Steakhouse. 
[No. Outback.] 
You remember crossing the pedestrian bridge to go to your Math or PE class in the 'old' building of the junior high. 
You can recall who John Joubert was. 
[No. But one of my teachers was John Hubert.] 
You remember when the junior high was only one level. 
[My junior will forever BE one level.] 
You know who invented the human P-A-P-I-O for sporting events. 
[No. But I imagine whoever it was, was a fan.] 
You remember when the high school didn't have a track or a practice field. 
Beach Day was the highlight of your high school career. 
[They got rid of that? Sad.] 
You remember what a sweet man Mr. Ridenour was. 
You refered to Mr. Kinkennon at the junior high as "Special K". 
[No. My friend Kayla Mitchell was the only 'Special K" I ever knew.] 
You remember going to dance-a-thon's at the junior high. 
[No. Elementary school.] 
You remember when the Eagles Club used to be Paul's Drugs. 
You traded your empty pop bottles for money there. 
[I went elsewhere.] 
You know the name of the Boy Scout who built the tire tower in Halleck Park. 
[No. But I bet my brother knew.] 
You think the best Dairy Queen in the world is one that's open in the winter. 
[Strange. Yes.] 
You remember when Hickory Estates used to be called E-walk Forest. 
[Haha.. Star Wars....lol] 
The local boys just don't grown up. Even after high school. 
[True. lol] 
You've walked through the sewers with flash lights down on Rogers Street. 
[No. Different sewers.] 
Your wake up call in the fall is the high school band marching in your streets. 
[No. I WAS in the band that woke your assess up at 7 AM in the morning!] 
The Pom Squad is more liked by the fans than the cheerleaders. 
[Still are.] 
The highlight of your weekend consists of going to either Papillion or LaVista Days (Hello...same carnival). 
[Not the entire highlight..] 
The coolest thing in elementary was to be in DARE. 
[No. To be in HAL.] 
You can hear someone's bass a mile away. 
You've ever watched the 4th of July fireworks from Hickory Estates. 
You used fish at Halleck Pond for fun (or you still do...whatever floats your boat). 
You thought Crossroads was the best mall ever. 
You have at least one member of your extended family in the same grade as you. 
You've come to the conclusion that the only things to do are to go out to eat or go to a high school sporting event. 
[Not true.] 
You can remember when 1st Street was a dead end. 
You remember when 72nd Street did not go through to Hwy 370 (It didn't even go past Cornhusker!). 
[No. They changed that I think in 1988. I was born a year later.] 
You know that the floral shop downtown used to be a gas station. 
[I can see that] 
You can remember when Papio Creek flooded the downtown area. 
You ordered the best french fries at Papio Bowl when your PE class went there. 
[Wildcat Lanes. And yes, best fries EVER!!] 
You remember when there was a little airport located around 66th and Cornhusker. 
You remember or actually went to the inflatable church on 84th St. 
You bought your letter jackets at Ed's Clothing Store in Tara Plaza. 
You used to drive down 72nd St. when it was a two lane gravel road from Giles on south. 
You know there was life before Keno lounges. 
You used to go to the Hinky Dinky Store on 84th & Harrison where Rock Bottom is now. 
[I miss Rock Bottom.] 
You made random visits to 'The Spook House' (where Runza is now; used to be a train depot). 
[Runza was haunted?? Why didn't anybody tell me??] 
You remember when the Sarpy County Jail was on the 3rd floor of City hall. 
You remember when one of the senior classes listed the high school and all the other students for sale in the World Herald (The ad included an aerial shot of the the land with the principal's number listed as where to call for more information!). 
[Senior Prank, no doubt. Mine would have been better...] 
You used to see the S.W.A.T. team trucks. 
[Still do.] 
You can recall what S.W.A.T. actually stood for (Sewer Water And Tap...it was the water company). 
You remember when Cornhusker Road used to be Highway 370 (It was known as "old 370" when the current 370 was built and later changed to Cornhusker). 
You went to the Dairy Treat south of the city park. 
You ever used the gymnasium that was were the schools central office is now. 
You can remember what the Dairy Queen was before it became 'the Dairy Queen'.