25! (2009-2017)

The initial answers I gave on February 3, 2009. 

Today, I give these answers. 

1) I am unique within my family because I am the only one who writes left-handed. 

I am still the only one who writes left-handed. 

2) I've been told that deaths come in "Deadly 3's" & so in the last 4 years, I've lost my Grampa Bill, Grampa Leighton & even my Big Brother Jerome. 

Since then, I have also lost my Aunt Jerilynn, Gramma Millie, & Great-Aunt Arlene. 

3) I tend to eat in small portions while in front of certain people but at home, trust me I could eat the whole fridge if I was allowed! 

This is still true. 

4) LOVE Mt. Dew! (although am trying to drink water amap) 

Am actually drinking more water and coffee more than anything. I will have the occasional can of pop every once in a while. 

5) I am one of those people where if ever the perfect day comes, I aint gonna believe any of it is real. 

This is still true. 

6) I'm not deathly afraid of anything. At least not anything out of the ordinary. 

This is still true. 

7) I am a nerd. Big nerd. In fact, I've made two new guy-friends based on the fact that I play D&D alone. 

As of today, my only guy friend is Frankie (my brother's best friend). 

8) My Best Friend Melanie has been my longest kept friend since Kindergarten. 

We are no longer friends. She ghosted me and has refused to talk to me since. 

9) My Best Friend Tory is off in the Navy traveling the world. 

Tory is now my bestest friend ever. (Of course my hubby counts too but you need someone else to talk to about your hubby) She is my person. 

10) I admit it. Fessing up here. I have a Twilight problem! lol

Happy to say I do not have a Twilight problem. I plan to donate all my dvds (however, I may keep them just in case I ever feel like watching them again). 

11) I absolutely LOVE bowling! Its the one sport I am good at, & its helps my concentration level. 

This is still true. 

12) I have a hard time going to an amusement park with a friend. Too many of them have extreme fear of heights! 

I am so happy to say that my husband is not one of them. We love roller coasters!

13) I love my job. I get paid in cash & I can show up when I please. 

I love my current job as a SAHM. 

14) Not counting my parents, the female family line of my family (mom 's side) has been divorced since the late 1700s. Thank you Mom for breaking the chain! 

This is still true. 

15) as long as its not cardboard, I'll eat whatever the hell is put in front of me. 

This is still true. 

16) I'm glad my mom & I have the relationship we do. Her mom wasn't there to tell her certain things & I'm glad she cared enough to tell me. thanks Mom. I love you! 

This is still true. 

17) Speaking from experience: Sometimes the best things (& people) are really RIGHT in FRONT of YOU. 

This is still true. 

18) I was once scared of doing karaoke. Now I wanna do it again! 

This is still true. 

19) At my brother's funeral, I touched his hand. It felt weird and not at the same time. While I was standing over him, I could swear I saw him lift his fingers! Then I thought I saw him open his eyes and glare at me! & i'm not crazy, cause my sister claims she saw it too! 

This is still true. 

20) Even Though I was able to see my dead brother's body up close I can't say the same for my grandpa Leighton. The way they did his lips....didn't look like my grandpa. I guess I was able to see my brother cause I was there. I was there when he passed. To tell you the truth, he didn't look dead. Not at all. He looked like he was sleeping. (i wasn't paying any attention to his stomach to see if it was moving up and down) 

This is still true. 

21) At the age of 14, I told myself that I'd never date in high school. That I'd grow up living all alone & with 72 cats. (inside joke) Obviously, that's nowhere near the future I forsee for myself now.

Yes. Right now I am a happily married woman with an 8 month old son. 

22) I can fall asleep so easily its not even funny. All you gotta do is put a movie on, & as soon as my head hits that pillow........don't expect me to respond for the next 12 hours. 

This is still true. 

23) As of now, I swear my gum has swallowed half my tooth. I'm serious. Its like the tooth is embedded in my gum & I can feel the tooth from the bottom of my chin. its weird and hurts.

I now have lost all by four molars. 

24) I wish I could live in Florida. Sure there'd be no more white christmas, but man is it cold up here in Nebraska! I used to love the cold. Now I don't. 

This is still true. 

25) I played the clarinet for 10+ years. Now I am officially a percussionist. I play the cymbals. Lovely idea for waking someone up in the early morning don't you think?

Today, the only instrument I play is the piano. 

Amanda Hansen

Amanda B Hansen is a writer & poet who currently resides in Omaha, NE. 
She is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She holds a Bachelor's in General Studies. Her certifications include English, Music, & Creative Writing. 

Amanda currently splits her time being a full-time Customer Service Adviser at her local Walgreen's, and being an Editor/Social Media/Writing Contributor for Fine Lines Journal in Omaha.