Instagram: @mandabword

Amanda B Hansen is a writer and social media entrepreneur whose fiction and poetry can be read in various issues of 13thFloorMagazine & FineLinesJournal
Amanda has also had various articles and poetry, prose, and fiction published in HelloGiggles, Femsplain, Rattle, LIT, HelloPoetry, FightingCancerWithPoetry, & more! 

Amanda also posts on her youtube channel once in a blue moon.

  • wattpad book reviews
  • vlogs/opinion-driven 
  • beauty and daily makeup routines
  • monthly new likes/favorites
  • slam poetry/prose
  • cross-stitches 

Amanda has also been busy running her own etsy shop, StitcheryPoetry
She feels she is unique among the cross-stitchers because she incorporates her own poetry and prose, while also her favorite quotes from across the realms. 

Amanda Beatrice Hansen was born in Omaha, NE.
She was raised in a little suburb, La Vista, where she graduated from the same high school that was used in the movie, Election. 
There, she discovered that writing was more than just a simple hobby.

Amanda attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha from Fall 2007 to Spring 2014; 
resuming her studies for the Fall 2015 semester where she graduated with a Bachelor's in General Studies. She is certified in English Lit., Music, and Creative Writing. 

Amanda discovered the online writer/reader community that is Wattpad. 
She has since, written multiple books; all incompleted. 

Amanda currently resides in Omaha with her husband.
In her spare time, she writes, blog, vlogs, and cross-stitches while watching NCIS.